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    When possible I post pictures that I have taken or give credit to the photographers for pictures borrowed. It is not unusual to supplement with photos found through Google images and the photographer is unknown. I will happily remove any photo that violates copyright infringement, just kindly bring it to my attention. Thank you!
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    The photographs used in this website are for illustration purposes only and were taken in public venues. It is impossible to obtain photo release statements from everyone appearing in photographs, however whenever possible I do ask permission to add photo to this website. Should you wish to have your photo removed, please contact me and I will do so immediately. Thank you!

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  • Guests Bloggers
    If you are interested in submitting an entry for publication on this website regarding your charmed life in middle Tennessee, simply email a picture of yourself, any supporting photographs and your submission to me at

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  • The information contained in this website is credited to the many beloved authors I have adored and read over the years. I acknowledge now and publicly that I can’t remember the last time I had an original thought, and I promise to properly cite each reference and photo when it’s possible and apologize for those times I simply cannot remember the source. Also the opinions expressed on the pages of this blog are my own. I do not endorse any product, brand or establishment mentioned. I have not recieved any monetary or in kind compensation for mentioning products, brands or establishments, though I would welcome such an arrangement. If this should occur, full disclosure of renumeration will be clearly communicated in the blog post of the review. Any compensation received will never unduly influence the content.

Louisa May Alcott

  • You are an extraordinary woman, how can you expect to live an ordinary life?

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  • Change your THOUGHTS and you change your WORLD.

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  • Handbook of Southern Manners
    If you are from the South, you probably could have written this book. This link is for everyone else who may be curious.

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One-Line Bio

You are an extraordinary woman, how can you expect to live an ordinary life? ~Louisa May Alcott


These simple words may have been first expressed by Louisa May Alcott, but they are also the foundation of my inner dialogue and philosophy of life. Welcome! I'm Susan, your hostess and guide to living a charmed, extraordinary, magnolia-scented life. Join me in the porch swing and I'll pour you a glass of sweet tea and share with you some of the magic and mysteries of the south.
An extraordinary life is not one that is born into, discovered by chance, or the good fortune of just a precious few. An extraordinary life is one that is PURPOSELY CREATED.  Every woman has the power to consciously create the life and legacy she wishes. I’ve created mine to include immeasurable heartfelt snuggles, giggles, warm and enriching friendships, wild enthusiasm, gigantic vision, generous gratitude, femininity and charm, and four very lucky and well loved rescues: Lily Belle, Nannie Nutmeg, TammyTabby, and Scamp.
I hope you'll find my daily observations and recipes contribute to your purposefully created extraordinary life. And I hope you visit often!



When asked if the glass is half full or half empty, I always respond "my glass overflows!" Blending all my passions into a balanced and harmonious life of family-friends-furbabies-travel-photography-good food-painting-history-and wordsmithing. Oh yeah, and I love Doris Day. The first words I ever strung together were, "By the light" as in "By the light of the Silvery Moon." Mom sang it to me when I was a baby.