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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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Blessings to all

  • God has lovingly and generously showered his sweet blessings all around middle Tennessee. I enjoy so much selecting one each day to share with you in these pictures, recipes, paintings, inspirations and sometimes, completely random thoughts. Thank you for the visit. Come on back again real soon!
  • "To see the miraculous within the ordinary is the mark of highest wisdom." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him." ~Abraham Lincoln

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  • "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

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  • "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

My Precious Furbabies

  • Lily Belle

    Lily Belle Portrait=sm

    Nannie NutmegNannie Nutmeg


    Love this silly boy! Found him as a stray on New Year's Day 2016 and have loved and cared for him ever since. And even though I cared for him as a foster, I couldn't let him go. Foster Failure. He's mine.

    Tammy Tabby TammyTabby



    Love this sweet, cuddly little beggar. Her family moved away and left her in the neighborhood. She took up residence under my next-door neighbors house and they fed her regularly, but she didn't have vet care or flea treatment. They moved this past weekend, so I contacted Pet Pals of Maury County for assistance. They immediately sent a voucher to a local vet so we could get her checked out, vaccinated, and spayed. I'm happy to report she has been given a clean bill of health and is available for adoption.

    Little Man Max

    Max the Yorkie

    This adorable little snuggle pup is a 3lb, 7 year old, altered male Yorkie. He was adopted by a precious, retired couple in Alabama who also adopted a Yorkie from Tennessee River Rescue in Selmer, TN. Along with this fur-sibling, Little Man Max will have a Schnauzer and Schnoodle to play with, along with afternoon golf cart rides around Lake Cullman. I want your life Max!!

    Mr. Whiskers

    Mr Whiskers

    This sweet boy looks like a little, red fox. And he was adopted!!

    Honey Noggin'

    Honey Noggin 1

    Honey Noggin' (nee Gypsy) is still available. She is a senior pup with one bottom tooth that protrudes from her underbite so she reminds me of Elvis. Thank ya, Thank ya vury much!



    Ebbie is an owner surrendered, 9 year old, female Basset Hound who is pure love in a dog suit and terribly confused. The only life she has ever known was uprooted and she came to live with me. Now a precious, young family has adopted her and they are in love. And their whole neighborhood is in love. That's what happens when there is a Basset about.

    Lola and Lonnie

    Lonnie and Lola

    Lonnie and Lola are brother and sister, about 18 months old and simply adorable. They were adopted together. Thank you!!



    Yay! My little foster Charlotte found her forever home at the PetSmart Adoption Event with Russell Rescue. She has two young boys to play with and they are already in love.

    Brownie Puryear

    Brownie Puryear

    Brownie found her furever home today! Yay!! Your new Momma has lots of puppy snuggles in her future.

    Sadie Hawkins (nee Bubbles)


    This precious baby was my foster and is now my god-puppy. She was adopted by my parents. She was special from the moment my dad laid eyes on her. We are thrilled to welcome her into our family as a member, and not a foster.

    Glory B

    Glory B

    Looking like the lovechild of Yoda and one of the Grimlins is Glory B (formerly Blackie). She is full of spunk and sass.... all three and a half pounds of her! Glory B was adopted by a sweet, retired couple looking for lap puppy on which to heap all their snuggles and kisses.



    Maddie was my foster for less than a week. This sweet girl was adopted by my friends Don and Carol who have given her a new fur-sibling as well as a loving home. Don't you just love happy endings?



    Junebug is a precious, 35lb, young, female, terrier-mix foster adopted in September. Playful, intelligent and loveable. She's now enjoying a family of her own.

    Millie Matisse


    Millie Matisse, my little foster through Russell Rescue, was adopted by an adorable young lady July 2015. She enjoys a loving home that she shares with her new fur-sibling.


    Vienna Muffin -sm

    Vienna, my little foster through Russell Rescue, was adopted by a sweet family in Murfreesboro, June 2015. She enjoyed love and kisses through her finals days and ventured across the Rainbow Bridge end of August 2015.

    Gen. Jubal Lee

    Jubal Lee

    A little beggar that came up starved and injured. He's hanging out with me until I can determine if he has a home. If not, he has a minor operation in his future and then will be ready for a loving forever home. Right now he is getting loving care and attention and plenty of kibble.



    Ruby, a Pet Pals of Maury County foster, now lives with her furever family in Culleoka, TN

    Ida Claire

    Ida Claire for COTC Ida Claire, a Snooty Giggles foster, was my furbaby from 10-31-11 to 7-26-12. She was taken by transport to live with her Fur-ever Family in Massachusetts, 7/26/12. Miss you silly girl!

    Scamp (?/2009-1/19/2011)Scamp
    Parker (?/2010-9/17/2010)Parker

Daily Paintworks


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